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1-2 Person UTV
3-4 Person UTV
5-6 Person UTV

Learn the ancient history of natives and dinosaurs in the area!

Our adventure kicks off with a thrilling ride to Dinosaur Tracks, where prehistoric giants once left their mark. You’ll witness history etched in stone. We’ll navigate through the sandy roads to a remote overlook of the historic Rockville pioneer town, stopping at the legendary Schunesberg Mail Drop. Hear tales of the Wild West, where mail carriers risked it all to deliver messages to the frontier.

Journey deeper into the wilderness as we explore the Warriors Walk, an ancient trail used by Native American tribes for centuries. Feel the spirit of the land as we tread on hallowed ground.

Stunning views of Zion form the backdrop for this ancient path. Our multi-generational local guides will lead you to secret spots. These hidden gems offer stunning views and untamed beauty that most folks miss out on.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your very own UTV. Our guides, born and bred in this land, will be your trusty navigators, ensuring your safety as you embark on this exhilarating journey.

These vistas are so secluded and pristine that they’re a well-kept secret of the wild. Prepare to be awe-struck.