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Info Note: A permit is required for this trip.

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Explore this Scenic area with Navajo sandstones

This is not the same as the Wave but is located at the opposite end (south side instead of north side) from the Wave. Though it also requires a permit to tour, it’s well worth the effort. Coyote Buttes South is just a small part of the 112,500 acre Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, but has some of the most visually striking geologic sandstone formations in the world. It is a very solitary place where you can often see no one.

Groups of 7 or more please call to book.

More info

  • Permit Needed? Yes. We’ll send you a link in your confirmation e-mail where you can obtain your permit.
  • Distance: ~3-4 miles roundtrip (depending on how much hiking you do)
  • Difficulty: 5 / 5 ( 1 = easy 5 = very hard )
  • Terrain: Sand, rock, strenuous hike with no marked trails.
  • Weather: Very hot in the summer with little to no shade. Bring your own water for hiking.

What to bring

  • Comfortable Clothing for hiking
  • Sun protection
  • Water