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Explore America's Favorite Small Town With An Online Tour Guide at Expedition Kanab!

You arrive into Kanab with little more than the bag on your back and the sun in the sky above you. You came to get a closer look at the three national parks and sprawling natural vistas that encapsulate the southwestern corner of Utah. Kanab is America's favorite little town and home to more history than you'd ever realize at a glance. Once part of 'Little Hollywood' thanks to its Western filmmaking roots, Kanab has turned into THE destination for outdoor adventures, ATV rentals, and walking tours throughout Zion National Park.

Explore Walking Tours Online

When looking to book walking tours online, it is important to find an online tour guide that really knows what they are looking at. Expedition Kanab was founded by a 7th generation Kanab local who was raised on the very trails and dirt paths that he takes his clients. As home to your favorite walking tours online, Rhees and the team at Expedition Kanab are eager to share their passion for the great outdoors of southern Utah with every visitor who makes the trip.

When visiting Expedition Kanab, keep in mind that there are many adventurous excursions to go on. Read a few of their offerings to prepare better for your next trip!

  1. Tour South Fork Indian Canyon — Close to Kanab, South Fork Indian Canyon presents a beautiful hiking opportunity for newcomers to the area. Passing the ancient Anasazi pictographs, Expedition Kanab takes anyone willing to hike half of a mile into the Indian Canyon. Bring a camera but let Expedition Kanab provide water and safety equipment.

  2. Explore Peekaboo Slot Canyon — Before ranging out toward Zion National Park, consider some exploration closer to Kanab at Peekaboo Slot Canyon. This tour-hour tour is great for groups of all sizes as it traverses the LEAST crowded slot canyon in the entire area.


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