The Expedition Kanab Manifesto: Tours in Kanab and More!

I’m from Kanab, Ut. I love this town and the surrounding area, deeply. I’ve always wanted to find some way to help the community. In the last 10 years or so Kanab has gone through somewhat of a renaissance. New businesses and hotels have been popping up, 4 and 5 star restaurants line the streets, and through it all Kanab continues to exude the small-town charm that has always been it’s calling card.

I’ve noticed over the years that our online presence needs some help catching up to the rest of the world, especially on social media. When I jump on Instagram or Facebook I see epic photos and videos of people traveling the world and talking about the places they have visited. As I have watched the link between the travel industry and social media grow and basically fuse together; I’ve thought to myself “My town is just a cool or cooler than some of those places!”

Now, I realize I’m extremely biased but seriously, I know of no other place like Kanab in the world!

Just looking at it from the perspective of an outdoor enthusiast this place has everything. We are in the middle of 3 national parks; Zion, Bryce Canyon and The Grand Canyon. We’ve got Lake Powell, The Coral Pink Sand Dunes, The Wave, Two national forests; Cedar Mountain and The Kaibab Plateau, and multiple national monuments; Cedar Breaks and The Grand Staircase, and that’s just the stuff people know about!

There are places here that are off the beaten path and unknown to the general public that are arguably more fantastic than the well-known places I listed above. Literally any type of outdoor activity can be done in this area, hiking, camping, fishing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, jeep driving, treasure hunting, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding; I could go on but yeah, whatever your heart desires.

As crazy as it sounds that’s all just the tip of the iceberg with this place, Kanab has some of the coolest history any small town could possibly have. Kanab was home to the whole western movie industry starting in the 1940’s, films like The Outlaw Josey Wales starring Clint Eastwood and Seargants 3 starring Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr were filmed here. And before Hollywood ever came to town, the whole area was legitimately the wild west with real-life cowboys, indians, outlaws, and pioneers calling this place home. There are so many stories to tell and that’s why we’re launching this blog.

The goal of this Expedition Kanab and Discover Kanab is to highlight how amazing Kanab is in an exciting and relatable way. So it will mainly feature my family and our adventures in and around Kanab. When I say my family adventures I mean past, present and everything else going forward. My heritage and ancestors are intertwined in the history and development of this town and the whole area so I figure using my family’s stories and experiences will help show all readers the full scope of Kanab, its beauty, its history, and what it all means for the travelers that visit our town.

But I will also need help! I want this to be a collaborative effort of all Kanab lovers and locals. So if you have ideas of what I can share; great experiences, photos, videos, stories from the past or present, or info on future events let me know!

DM me, comment, text, email, show up at my house with a handwritten letter haha. Whatever you want! My family members are not the only Kanab Folk! So let’s work together on this. Most importantly follow along, it’s gonna be really fun!

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