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As the sun rises over the Checkerboard Mesa, it is almost impossible to ignore the sheer volume of beauty offered by the Zion National Park. Comfortably ringing Utah's southwestern region, Zion National Park is a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts to find hiking tour companies for a wonderful outdoor excursion.

Hiking tour companies like Expedition Kanab are looking to give their clients special views into Zion National Park Tours so that they can bring home truly picturesque memories to share with one another in-person and through their cameras. Expedition Kanab is proud to offer Zion National Park Tours in the variety and style that works best for their clients.

Let's look at what visitors to Expedition Kanab can look forward to during their adventure through Zion National Park!

  • Flexible Group Sizes

  • Water & Safety Equipment Provided

  • Guided Tour by Local Professional

  • Daytime/Nighttime Photography Tours

  • Guided ATV Tours & ATV Rentals


No matter what kind of tour visitors are hoping to take, Expedition Kanab is uniquely suited to provide for their experience. Expedition Kanab provides guided ATV tours, hiking tours, and photography tours with professionals throughout Zion National Park, Kanab, and the surrounding regions.

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Few sights in southwest Utah can rival that of Zion National Park from the back of an ATV. The sprawling national park covers 229 square miles of brimming natural wonder. Home to countless plant species, hundreds of birds, and large cats like cougars and bobcats, the right Zion National Park Tours can turn into a vacation-changing experience.

Expedition Kanab was founded by Rhees, a 7th generation homegrown Kanab enthusiast. After spending years away from home working in Las Vegas, Rhees would return with his family to share their love of Kanab and its surrounding areas. Look over the booking availability to start planning your trip, today!